iPhone 7 Has Strange 'Watercolor' Camera Problem

It looks like it’s not only the Google Pixel which may be suffering from a few camera-related teething problems. According to a report today in AppleInsider, a number of iPhone 7 Plus users are less than happy with their phone’s picture quality. ( read original story ...)

iPhone 7 Plus review

What is the iPhone 7 Plus? Apple’s latest phablet takes the familiar iPhone formula and tweaks it once again to create a pocket powerhouse. It’s not going to wow you with a new design or massive innovations, but the iPhone 7 Plus is a great phone. ( read original story ...)

Apple shares stumble amid iPhone supply concerns

Apple Inc's shares slipped as much as four per cent after the company said it was struggling to keep up with demand for its large-screen, higher-margin iPhone 7 Plus, potentially reducing sales and profits in the Christmas shopping period. Apple chief ... ( read original story ...)

IPhone 7 sales could make or break Apple's earnings

Apple will announce its earnings on Tuesday, and all eyes will be on sales of the new, and arguably underwhelming, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The key question to be answered is: Have consumers decided to upgrade to the Apple’s latest handsets, or are they ... ( read original story ...)