10 Common iOS 10 Problems & How to Fix Them

iOS 10 problems continue to plague iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users as we head into 2017. If you’ve run into an iOS 10 problem on your device try a fix from this list before taking your device down to the local Apple Store. The iOS 10 beta killed off ... ( read original story ...

Should Apple Kill the Mac App Store?

Dig into the Mac App Store, and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for – or something similar. Unlike its iOS counterpart, the Mac App Store (MAS) is loaded with enough useless bloat to drown it. That might be what Apple should do to it, too. ( read original story ...)

Buyer Beware: Mac App Store Full of Bogus Junk

When Apple unveiled the Mac App Store in January 2011, the company's then-CEO Steve Jobs proclaimed that the store would make "finding and buying PC apps easy and fun." But while the store may have been created as a place to buy software without fear ... ( read original story ...)