13:10 Vaal (SAF)

Quantifier (SAF) 10-3 (9-6) 2nd of 9, 1 1/4l behind Positive Attitude (9-6) at Turffontein 1m 2f mdn gd in Mar. Puerto Plata (ARG) 10-3 (9-6) 2nd of 11, 1/2l behind Hazlo Grande (9-6) at Vaal 1m …

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Teardown

The pros at iFixIt have pried apart Apple’s latest-model phone to learn its secrets, and it seems that the theme of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro is one of parts consolidation from the previous generation.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 13 Buyer’s Guide

The iPhone 13 Pro offers the most full-featured and capable ‌iPhone‌ experience, but is $200 more expensive than the standard ‌iPhone 13‌. The ‌iPhone 13‌’s upgrades over the ‌iPhone …

New iPhone 15 Exclusive Exposes Late Apple Design Decision

It appears Apple has made up its mind. Following numerous leaks around the company’s decision to remove, then restore, then partially remove the physical volume and mute buttons from the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, new CADs claim to show Apple’s final design decision. There’s a camera surprise too.

Apple Leak Reveals New iPhone 15 Pro Feature Shock

Thunderbolt 3 operates at up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps), that’s equivalent to 5,000 megabytes per second (MBps). By comparison, the Lighting port on all current iPhones is limited to USB 2.0 speeds, which is 480 megabits per second, equivalent to 0.48 Gbps / 60 MBps. It’s a stratospheric upgrade.