Apple Watch Series 3 teardown shows a beefed-up battery

The Apple Watch Series 3 has been widely available for a few days now, bringing Apple fans cellular service on their wrists for the first time ever. Apple had to add some new wrinkles to the Apple Watch to bring the new feature to the same familiar 42mm ... ( read original story ...)

The new Apple Watch finally freed me from my phone

I had this weird moment the other night where I finally took the time to listen to the crickets around me as I took my dog for a walk. I wasn't staring down at my iPhone browsing Twitter or Instagram or chatting needlessly to try to fight some boredom I'd ... ( read original story ...

Apple Watch Is Sprint’s First CDMA-Free Phone

The new LTE Apple Watch Series 3 doesn't have the CDMA radio system upon which Sprint and Verizon have long relied. And yet it makes phone calls. No Sprint device has combined those factors before, and the watch's abilities hint at a future when a wider ... ( read original story ...)

Hands-On With the New LTE-Enabled Apple Watch Series 3

With the new LTE Series 3 Apple Watches now out in the wild, we got our hands on one of the new devices to give MacRumors readers a closer look at its design, features, and improvements compared to previous-generation Apple Watch models. In the video below ... ( read original story ...)