Cheap iPhone Deals

or how to get the - now cheaper - older iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Read this guide for the cheapest ways to buy an Apple iPhone, or, if you're looking for Samsung mobile tips, check out our Cheap Samsung Deals guide. Upfront prices direct from Apple start ... ( read original story ...)

7 Untrue iPhone Battery and Charging Myths Busted

Myths surrounding smartphone batteries are like modern-day urban legends. Namely, because they refuse to die. There’s undoubtedly a ton of battery-related advice on the internet, but a lot of it isn’t based on any actual facts. Battery life is even ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 12 Will Help Emergency Responders Get to You Faster

The technology is baked into iOS 12, which is coming later on this year as a free update for iPhone devices including the iPhone 5s and newer. On iPhone, the feature is enabled by default in iOS 12, but can be turned off at the user’s discretion. ( read original story ...)