Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X

In the age-old battle between Android and iOS, there are two contenders clearly at the top of the list right now: the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 Plus. Though a lot has been made of the evolutionary leap in Apple’s offering, Samsung has kept their latest ... ( read original story ...)

The best iPhone keyboard apps

There are tonnes of amazing keyboard apps out there for iOS. Whether you're after typing faster on your iPhone or iPad or improving your grammar, these keyboard apps are great alternatives to the standard iPhone keyboard app. And nearly all of them are free. ( read original story ...)

How to use AirDrop with iOS and Mac

or between Macs and iOS devices. On an iPad or iPhone, AirDrop is controlled in Settings>General>AirDrop. You can set AirDrop receiving to off, to contacts only or to everyone. I usually choose to set the feature to Contacts Only in order to avoid being ... ( read original story ...)