Apple aims to school rivals with new iPad, education apps

CHICAGO — Apple wants to play a more prominent role in education, but it isn't willing to cut prices to make the grade. Instead, Apple is clinging to a thesis that has helped turn it into the world's most valuable company: Our products are more expensive ... ( read original story ...)

Let’s talk about OnePlus and iPhone X clones

Out of all the companies making iPhone X clones this year, OnePlus and LG are the only ones interested in talking about the notch before their new handsets actually launch. OnePlus is trying to spin its decision to copy the latest iPhone well before the ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone X Ringer Volume Very Low? Here’s the Fix

Have you noticed the iPhone X ringer volume goes from loud to low? Often iPhone X users notice that the iPhone X ringtone will sound very quiet after initially sounding loud, but despite pressing the volume up buttons they can’t get the iPhone X ringtone ... ( read original story ...)