Evernote Wants to Conquer Information Overload

AUSTIN—Evernote has had a rough few years ... For more Fast Forward with Dan Costa, subscribe to the podcast. On iOS, download Apple's Podcasts app, search for "Fast Forward" and subscribe. On Android, download the Stitcher Radio for Podcasts app ... ( read original story ...)

The 28 Best (Must Have) Mac Apps (Essential for 2018)

Mac apps are generally available in one of two places ... you can’t go wrong with OneNote. Evernote is the main contender to OneNote. It’s been around longer, but they’re pretty similar feature-wise. What it really comes down to is which interface ... ( read original story ...)

Apple aims to school rivals with new iPad, education apps

CHICAGO — Apple wants to play a more prominent role in education, but it isn't willing to cut prices to make the grade. Instead, Apple is clinging to a thesis that has helped turn it into the world's most valuable company: Our products are more expensive ... ( read original story ...)