3 Things Apple Believes It Can’t Teach Employees

Apple is one of the most desired employers in the world. It's been said getting a job at an Apple store is harder than getting into Harvard. If you want to work there, you might assume you need to be a total tech-expert, but that's not true. Apple says it ... ( read original story ...

Apple Pulls The Plug On Iran App Store

It’s no secret that the political tension between the United States and countries in the Middle East is high – and Iran is no exception. Regardless of what country you side with, it’s clear that there’s a disconnect between the Middle East and the ... ( read original story ...)

Iranians purged from Apple’s app store

As of now, all iPhone users in Iran will have to use a VPN to download their favorite apps. Those within the country will no longer be able to access Apple store services due to the U.S. sanctions on the country. Some users reported being able to access ... ( read original story ...)