The annual ritual: An airing of iOS grievances

2016: “Apple’s iOS 10 update is causing major problems for some users.” 2015: “Apple iOS 9.1 Release Admits To Serious Problems.” 2014: “Apple’s iOS 8 Is Brimming With Bugs.” 2013: “Warning: Your just-updated iOS 7 iPhone has a serious ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11 Is Killing Me

Okay, look. I’m not the first person to say this, and I certainly won’t be the last. But iOS 11 is bad. The new operating system has turned my phone into a bug-infested carcass its former self, and the frustration of trying to use it sometimes makes me ... ( read original story ...)

How to use iOS 11 Settings on iPhone & iPad

If you're new to the iPhone or iPad, you may not know that it's possible to make various adjustments to the settings of your device. To do so, tap on the Settings icon on your Home Screen, the one that looks like a cog. (If you'd like to know more about ... ( read original ...

How to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 or iOS 10

Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is a risky process that we can't unreservedly recommend, but it remains popular among those who wish to install unofficial apps and tweaks on their smartphone or tablet via the Cydia marketplace. Here's all we know about ... ( read original story ...)