What iOS 10.3 offers the enterprise

A lot of technical coverage about iOS 10.3 has focused on the introduction of APFS, a new modern file system that will eventually power all Apple products. APFS replaces the decades-old HFS file system that has been a staple for Macs and most other Apple ... ( read original story ...)

Should you update to iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad?

Alongside general performance enhancements and security updates, iOS brings with it a number of cool features. These include a completely overhauled Messages app, refinements to Apple Music, Apple Maps, the introduction of Memories to the Photo app, and ... ( read original story ...)

Apple 'officially re-launches' iPhone 6 in India

Late last month, Apple iPhone 6 quietly popped up on some e-commerce websites in several countries in an all-new 32GB avatar. In India too, the smartphone appeared in an exclusive listing on Amazon's website. (Reuters) See more of : Apple iPhone 6 re ... ( read original story ...)

The End of the Road for Some Apps

Q. I’m getting a message on some of my iPad apps saying they won’t work on the next version of iOS. What — and why — is this? A. Simply put, Apple updates its operating system and hardware processors regularly, but older apps that have not kept up ... ( read original story ...)

The best fitness apps for iPhone

Pair your iPhone with the right app and you have the perfect workout buddy. Here are the best running, training and fitness apps for your iPhone and Apple Watch. The iPhone offers quality of life improvements in all sorts of areas, but one of the most ... ( read original story ...)