How to force close apps on the iPhone X

Force closing or quitting an app on iOS is, according to Apple at least, never really necessary ... Next, long press on any of the app previews until a red circle shows up in the top-left corner. You now have two options to close apps: Tap on the circle ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone X review: Apple’s new flagship is top notch

Apple released three new iPhones this year ... One last thing that I really want to point out is that not all apps have Top Notch support. These apps can be pretty mainstream too, like Skype, and I quickly found myself getting slightly annoyed by apps ... ( read original story ...)

Where are my missing iPhone & iPad apps?

Swipe down on the Home screen and the Search bar will appear at the top of the page ... Sadly, there's no easy fix for this problem, as Apple doesn't allow previous versions of iOS or apps to be installed on devices. It boils down to switching apps ... ( read original story ...)