iOS 10.3 Update: 5 Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make

With an iOS 10.3 release date inching closer we want to help you avoid making some common mistakes. The iOS 10.2.1 update is still the current version of iOS 10 but its reign should be coming to an end in the near future. Apple’s got an iOS 10.3 ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 10 Storage Full: Here’s How To Free Up Space In GBs

Those “storage full” messages annoy the hell out of most users. Storage could be a problem even for people who own 128GB or 256GB iPhones and iPads, let alone those with 8GB and 16GB variants. Apple doesn’t include the microSD card slot in its devices. ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Series 3: More Alleged Details Are Leaked

The first Apple Watch was controversial, while the Series 2 version was critically acclaimed. Neither have hit the sales soft spot Apple has been waiting for. However, the Series 3 could change that. BGR has more information on Apple’s next smartwatch. ( read original story ...)

Apple and SAP to release tool to build business apps

Apple Inc and German software maker SAP SE will release a tool aimed at helping developers build iPhone apps for big businesses, the two companies said on Monday. The software tool, to be released on March 30, is designed to let developers easily feed data ... ( read original story ...)