Best Accessories for Apple Watch 2018

Apple Watch is beautiful piece of tech that everybody loves. It comes with a default band and a charger by Apple but if you want to give it even a great look and protect it against any damages, here are best accessories for Apple Watch series 1, series 2 ... ( read original story ...)

wishlist: the 8 things we want from Apple’s next smartwatch

Everything we'd like to see in the next-generation Apple Watch 4 - although some are more fanciful than others We may not see a successor to the Apple Watch Series 3 until much later this year, in September alongside some new iPhones and the public release ... ( read original story ...)

Series 3 is now the most popular Apple Watch

“I’ve been keeping an eye on the adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 since its introduction last fall. From a development perspective the Series 3 is a delight to work with,” David Smith blogs eponymously. “It is fast, capable and LTE allows a ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Review

While Apple Watch has always been good at tracking indoor and fairly warm-weather based outdoor activity, winter workouts haven't enjoyed anywhere near the same level of support. Until now. According to Apple: Starting today, skiers and snowboarders can ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Series 3 Becoming Apple’s Top Smartwatch

New data indicates that adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 is improving at a rather fast pace, with more users upgrading from the first-generation model, obviously attracted by the huge performance boost and the LTE support. Pedometer++ developer David ... ( read original story ...)