How to fix an Apple Watch that’s not working

Apple Watch not working? Don't worry! Our troubleshooting guide will help you fix frozen screens, battery and charging problems and much more Apple Watches tend to be reliable little things, but like all tech devices they are prone to malfunctions ... ( read original story ...)

How To Track Wheelchair Activities With The Apple Watch

Apple Watch wheelchair fitness has three major components: 1. Setup with the iPhone, 2. Tracking daily Activity and 3. Fitness Workouts. I will cover all three. For Setup see my earlier post How To Easily Setup Your Apple Watch For Wheelchair Fitness There ... ( read original story ...)

Apple granted patent for self-adjusting Watch bands

Do you remember the auto-adjusting jacket and power-lacing shoes in Back to the Future? Well, Apple is applying the same logic to Apple Watch bands based on a new patent the company was recently granted. As AppleInsider reports, the patent is entitled ... ( read original story ...)