Purple iPhone 12 First Look

Purple. Lavender. Lilac. Mauve. Whatever you want to call it, there's a new iPhone color in town, and it's up for preorder starting tomorrow, April 23 (with shipments slated for April 30). ( read original story ...)

The purple iPhone 12 is … purple

But it's also not exactly purple, the same way the green iPhone 12 isn't exactly green (it's seafoam, thank you very much). The purple is more of a periwinkle or a lavender, with ... ( read original story ...)

The iPhone 12 Now Comes in Purple!

The iPhone 12 lineup is growing—not with a brand new device, but a fresh shade. Apple announced at its Spring Loaded event today that the iPhone 12 will now come in an extremely pretty purple hue. ( read original story ...)