Apple TV 4K Review – Welcome to The Future

While there is the promise of a world of 4K content, the sad truth is that at present there is only a small selection of content you can watch that will take advantage of your new Apple TV 4K. There is a solid selection of movies in the iTunes store ... ( read original story ...

What you need to know about the Apple App Store in iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, the Apple App Store offers new challenges and opportunities. Source: Shutterstock THE stats for the Apple App Store are pretty incredible: half a billion weekly visits and 180 billion downloads during its short life, with over ... ( read original story ...)

Pathable on Apple’s App Store issues

Earlier this year, Pathable had a brief scare when a number of our apps were rejected by Apple because they alleged (incorrectly) that they were built in a way that allowed us to replace functionality after the app was approved. It took about two weeks ... ( read original story ...)