Google launches iMessage and WhatsApp rival

The messenger will be available on Android, the Google-owned operating system that runs almost every non-Apple smartphone ... like many messaging apps. It can support high resolution pictures and group conversations, like WhatsApp, as well as features ... ( read original story ...)

Why iOS 11.3 is Breaking iPhones

If your iPhone has a replacement screen in it, you should stay away from iOS 11.3. Apple’s latest iPhone update is breaking touch functionality on iPhones with replacement displays and there are other annoying issues tied to this. There are several ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11.3 has a big problem for iPhone users

The biggest feature of iPhone is an iOS operating system, that Apple keeps on improving with every passing day. But many times we hear about the bugs in the new patch released for the iPhone or iPad. Considering this Apple has recently decided to take a ... ( read original story ...)