5 Reasons To Buy An iPhone 8 Plus

It’s easy to write-off the iPhone 8 Plus as a minor upgrade to the iPhone 7. Certainly, iPhone 7 owners might be hesitant to upgrade unless they’re on one of the yearly upgrade programs. But I do think the iPhone 8 Plus earns its crust as more than ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Officially Releases iOS 11.1 with 70 New Emoji

Apple released the final version of iOS 11.1 on Tuesday morning, capping a little over a month of beta testing. It is now available to download. iOS 11.1 is a relatively minor update to Apple’s mobile operating system, but it does include a number of ... ( read original story ...)

10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 11.1

While you might be tempted to install Apple’s new iOS 11.1 update right now, there are a few things you should do before you fire up the download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you’re already running iOS 11, your iOS 11.1 comes with a nice ... ( read original story ...)

Apple releases iOS 11.1 with shiny new emojis

Exploding head might be my favorite one. Overall, Apple promises 70 new emojis, which makes iOS compatible with Unicode 10.0. A couple of emojis have also been redesigned, such as the bee one. As always, each emoji character comes in many variations with ... ( read original story ...)