How to Enable Dark Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

Now enable dark mode in iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad. Long before the release of iOS 10, users expected dark mode; but Apple disappointed them as there was no such feature in iOS 10. Before the release of iOS 11, there were rumours galore about inclusion ... ( read original story ...)

We answer your questions about iPhone X

the first re-designed phone since 2014’s iPhone 6. It features facial recognition to unlock the screen, an edge to edge 5.8-inch OLED screen, promising richer blacks and colors, and the ability to make animated emojis based on your expressions. ( read original story ...)

Apple iPhone X, I so desperately want to like you

My daily driver is an iPhone 6s Plus, prior to this I’ve owned every iPhone since the iPhone 3G. I purchase my phones outright, cascade my old phone to my son and sell his to put towards the cost of my new phone - win win. But, much to the annoyance of ... ( read ...

How to Enable or Disable Auto-Brightness in iOS 11

Auto-Brightness is a handy feature in iOS that automatically adjusts the brightness of your iPhone’s screen based on the lighting condition of the environment. For instance, if you’re in a dark environment, it will automatically reduce the brightness ... ( read original story ...)