How To Get ProTube++ On iOS 11 Without Jailbreak

Here’s how to download and install ProTube++ IPA on iOS 11 iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. No jailbreak is required for this process to work. ProTube has managed to obtain itself an unbelievably good reputation over the years with iOS device owners. ( read original story ...)

How the iPhone could save your life

An iPhone 8 Plus I’m testing has called 911 by accident a few times. It’s annoying, but it turns out this new iOS “feature” could save lives. Experts say discrete calling is a sign of things to come in making 911 calls work a little better and a ... ( read original story ...)

UK iPhone users lose out on newest iOS Apple Pay feature.

With iOS 11 iPhone users can send money to each other through the Messages app Apple An update to Apple Pay that lets users send money to one another through iMessage will not be available to UK residents. Yet. Apple Pay Cash will be included in the newest ... ( read original story ...)

Apple iOS 11.1 Starts Causing Problems

I recently wrote about Apple iOS 11.1’s greatest strength. Unfortunately one week later that strength is also proving to be the update’s biggest weakness… As I wrote last week, the good news still remains: for many users iOS 11.1 drastically improves ... ( read original story ...)