The iPhone 8 might be more expensive than you expect

Apple will soon announce its numbers for the December quarter, and all eyes will be on its new flagship, the iPhone 7. Analysts expect Apple to announce 78 million iPhone sales for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2017, a 4 percent increase from last year. ( read original story ...)

Apple (AAPL) iPhone Average Selling Prices Set to Rise

Average selling prices (ASP) for the Apple Inc iPhone are set to rise, even though the mix of cheaper phones its selling relative to expensive iPhones is rising. Yahoo! Finance published a nice piece today, Apple's big problem is summed up in this ... ( read original story ...)

Apple reportedly removing Iranian apps from App Store

Apple has allegedly started removing iOS apps originating from startups and developers in Iran. In 2016, the company had started opening up its App Store to Iranians in a limited manner. However, in its latest move, Apple pulled down the Digikala app ... ( read original story ...)