Looking for a new phone this summer? Wait.

If you are specifically looking to buy an iPhone “you have to hold tight,” says Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics. What about those with a busted phone that needs to be replaced as soon as possible? "Get a refurbished phone," says Entner ... ( read original story ...)

Your Event App May Become Harder to Find

The Apple store recently updated its App Store Review Guidelines and rule 4.2.6 — “Apps created from a commercial template or app generation service will be rejected.” — has created some concern and confusion among event organizers. How does the ... ( read original story ...)

Red Raven Camera Kit Comes Exclusively to Apple Store

Pro video camera maker Red must be pretty confident about the Apple Store because that’s the only place you can get the new Red Raven Camera Kit package. The kit includes a Red Raven camera body, extra batteries, camera mounts, Final Cut Pro X, and more. ( read original story ...)