Apple Watch Series 3 Becoming Apple’s Top Smartwatch

New data indicates that adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 is improving at a rather fast pace, with more users upgrading from the first-generation model, obviously attracted by the huge performance boost and the LTE support. Pedometer++ developer David ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Adoption

I’ve been keeping an eye on the adoption of the Apple Watch Series 3 since its introduction last fall. From a development perspective the Series 3 is a delight to work with. It is fast, capable and LTE allows a wide variety of new applications (for ... ( read original story ...)

Fitbit is dead set on taking down the Apple Watch

Fitbit (FIT) is determined to wrestle the smartwatch market away from Apple (AAPL). And to do that, it has introduced its all-new Versa. Available for presale March 13, the $199 Versa smartwatch easily undercuts the more costly Apple Watch, which starts at ... ( read original story ...)