How to back up your Apple Watch

No one likes to lose data, so in this guide we’re going to look at how to back up an Apple Watch. The best way to think about your Apple Watch is as an extension of your iPhone, not as a completely separate device. This means that when you pair your ... ( read original ...

Watch Player

Finally, take your Apple Watch and run with your favorite podcast and leave the iPhone at home. This works now synonymous without annoying transmission process through iTunes synchronization. WatchPlayer transfers podcast episodes to the Apple Watch. ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the second generation connected wearable "smartwatch" (not Apple's term) device from the Cupertino, California, tech giant. When the original Apple Watch came out in 2014, an oft-asked question was "what would Steve Jobs think ... ( read original story ...)