Apple Making A Big Push With Apple Watch 3 For Runners

With the release of the new Apple Watch 3 coming next week, here is what Apple doing to make the Apple Watch more important and relevant for runners. In just a few more days, we will have all of the details about the new iPhones and the new Apple Watch 3. ( read original story ...

Apple Watch used to steal baseball signals

The Apple Watch may not be the greatest device for telling time, but it’s being used by one Major League Baseball team to relay an opponent’s strategy to its players. Baseball is called a pastime for a reason. MLB has not been a huge adopter of ... ( read original story ...)

The 14 Ways You Can Keep Your Watch Ticking…

Even with the new watchOS 3.1 software, the Apple Watch’s battery is pretty poor, many users are having to charge their device up daily, whether it be a Series 1 or Series 2 model. Hopefully it will improve more with watchOS, but until then the watch ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Watch Meets Challenge With Fitbit Ionic

Even though it hasn’t become a mainstream consumer device, the Apple Watch is still the best-selling and most critically acclaimed smartwatch on the market. But that could all change with the Fitbit Ionic, a $299 smartwatch that is scheduled to be ... ( read original story ...)