Apple Release iOS 11.2 Beta 4 Software

It also introduces some new Live Wallpapers to Apple’s iPhone X smartphone. We are expecting Apple to release their iOS 11.2 software update some time before the end of November, as soon as we get some details on when the software is coming to the iPhone ... ( read original story ...)

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone X

Taking screenshots is one of the most-used iPhone features, and with iOS 11’s new screenshot editing features, it’s more useful than ever. But you've always taken a screenshot by pressing the Side button and Home button, and that won’t work on an ... ( read original story ...)

New Storage Options with the iPhone in iOS 11

Think of the iPhone Storage setting as one of the places to go on the iPhone for statistics about how you employ the device. You find other information in the About setting (under General on the Settings screen). A list of all the apps taking space on your ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone’s Automatic Setup between Devices in iOS 11

When you set up a new device running iOS 11, you see the new Automatic Setup option, which lets you transfer settings from another iDevice to the new one. The only restrictions are that both devices must be running iOS 11 and be within a few feet of each ... ( read original story ...)

Refurbished market: Cheaper than the cheapest

Rahul has been eyeing an iPhone 6 for quite some time ... heard about the market for refurbished products. He got the device he had been longing for long. It looked new, and came with a warranty and within his budget. The market for refurbished products ... ( read original story ...)

iphone 6 plus for 3d models

This support is meant to facilitate persons with disabilities holding phones. It is composed of three pieces and can be used with Iphone 6 plus. It can rotate in order to use the... This is remixed from the original, I've increased the depth to ... ( read original story ...)