iPhone 8 Rumor Unveils A Welcoming Change

For example, Apple started offering a 256GB storage option for the first time with the release of the iPhone 7 last year. And Apple is poised to make another storage capacity change this year, according to the reputable Taiwan-based market intelligence ... ( read original story ...)

Review: Phinexi iPhone 6s Battery Case

A smartphone battery charge never lasts long as you really need. While the modern handset is packed with features, they all consumer energy and, as a result, poor battery life is one of the downsides to most smartphones on the market today. Some models ... ( read original story ...)

Apple's New iPhone Set For Surprise Early Release

Apple launched the iPhone SE in March last year. Rather than follow the design cues of the iPhone 6 and 6S family (which continues to be seen in the iPhone 7 family), the SE looked back towards the iPhone 5 and 5S design, albeit with the same chip ... ( read original story ...)