Apple iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus breaks a lot of the rules and defies a lot of the logic that Apple has stuck to for a number of years. It's a copycat device, it chases a market that the company did not create for itself, it introduces fragmentation in a previously ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links ...

Apple iPhone 7 Review: A powerful phone with poor battery life

No headphone jack: The most contentious part of the iPhone’s redesign in this era has been Apple’s "courageous" decision to omit the headphone jack. Apple’s delayed the release of its Airpod solution to the headphone jack problem, and Bluetooth ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

7 Problems With iOS 10, and How to Fix Them

There are plenty of great reasons to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. But like any other piece of software, iOS 10 isn’t without its problems and issues. While iOS 10 brings a number of ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

Apple Wants More Enriching In-Store Experiences

If it’s true that consumers today are more into experiences than simply buying products off of shelves, than Apple may be onto something with its new generation design focused on transforming its locations into something akin to “town squares.” ( read original story ...)

New Chicago Apple store comes with massive $62M price tag

Apple plans to spend $62 million on a retail outlet currently under construction in Chicago's North Michigan Avenue shopping district, according to a construction permit issued by the city's planning department on Friday. Featuring a wide-open design ... ( read original story ...)

Chicago's new riverfront Apple store costs $62 million

It's going to take a lot of iPhones, watches and Genius Bar appointments to cover the cost of the new glass-enclosed Apple store being built along the Chicago River on North Michigan Avenue. A construction permit issued by the city Friday put the price of ... ( read original story ...)