8 Apple iPhone 8 Alternatives To Buy That Are Also Apple

For a moment between the leaks and rumors, when I was actually able to consider it all — I thought about saving up and buying an Apple iPhone 8. The Apple iPhone 8 could finally be the iPhone that looks less like an iPhone and more like a Samsung. ( read original story ...)

China Casts a Wary Eye at an iPhone Cash Cow, the App Store

BEIJING — In China, where Western-owned online services like Facebook and Google have long been blocked, Apple’s app store is a lucrative exception. Apple offers gaming, dining and dating apps in a country where most rivals are locally owned — and ... ( read original story ...)

Chinese app developers lodge Apple antitrust complaint

The case filed with Chinese regulators alleges that Apple is abusing its control of the iOS App Store to mistreat Chinese app developers by removing their apps without good reason and levying a high charge for in-app purchases. “[Apple founder] Steve ... ( read original story ...)

4 iOS Simulators for Testing iPhone & iPad Apps

If you’re looking for a way to test iOS apps on a Mac or PC, you’ll need to use a simulator. Simulators differ from emulators in that they aren’t designed to replicate hardware, but rather model the underlying state of the hardware. A good simulator ... ( read original story ...)