Apple unveils updated iPad with lower price

Apple unveils new iPad, updated iPhone (Reuters) The iPad updates come as the tablet market continues to decline, after a few years of rapid growth. According to IDC, tablet shipments fell 20 per cent to 53 million worldwide in the final three months of ... ( read original story ...)

13 best Apple Watch games 2017

Which are the best games on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2? The Apple Watch doesn't seem obviously suited to gaming, thanks to its small screen and necessarily one-handed control method. (Admittedly, those things didn't hold back the Game & Watch. ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6 vs Moto X 2014: The Ultimate Design Comparison

If you’re thinking about getting the newest and fastest phone on the market, you’ve probably considered the iPhone 6 and the Motorola Moto X. When it comes to style, both manufacturers are committed to delivering the hottest product they can. ( read original story ...)