OnePlus 3T vs iPhone 7: Which is best?

OnePlus 3T vs iPhone 7: We take a look at OnePlus' upgraded flagship, the OnePlus 3T, to see how it compares to the smartphone giant that is the iPhone 7. OnePlus has gone and upgraded it's main smartphone with a load of new hardware and software additions ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

Pregnant Australian Woman Burnt by New iPhone 7

After the massive flop of the Samsung Note 7 on the last quarter of the year, the consumers' saving grace has been expected to be the new iPhone 7. On the other hand, would it be possible that these new handsets also suffer from the same problem? ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

Study shows more iOS devices crashed than Android in Q3, 2016

If your iPhone faced a lot of performance-related issues recently, you are not alone. A report has revealed that the Apple iOS had a higher failure rate as compared to Android devices in Q3, 2016. iOS, which powers iPhone and iPad devices suffered 62 ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

Apple mulls moving iPhone production to US, report says

Could Apple start making iPhones in the United States? According to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, the Cupertino-based company requested that Foxconn and the other iPhone manufacturer explore moving their smartphone production stateside. "Apple ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]

Apple is failing to dent Android's dominance over iPhone

iOS market share has nearly halved over the last two years and is now in danger of declining to under 10% of all phones globally. Gartner / Business Insider Over the last two years, Apple could not have asked for easier market conditions: The iPhone 6 was ... ( read original story ...) [amazon_auto_links id="83"]