WhatsApp Unveils Its Own Emojis

After a long history of using Apple's emojis on all platforms including Android and the web, WhatsApp looks to be taking the direction of Facebook and Twitter in using their own custom emoji set within the app. At a glance these could be confused for Apple ... ( read original story ...)

Apple: The Bonanza From AR Apps

There has been apparently a lack of attention on the rash of apps that would be exploiting the new hardware capabilities of the new iPhones. The Pokémon Go craze demonstrated to the world the potential of AR in creating addictive games and the usefulness ... ( read original story ...)

How to Stop Receiving macOS High Sierra Beta Updates on Mac

This will stop sending public betas to your Mac. You can always install the next commercial version of macOS from the Mac App Store. That’s it! You have unenrolled your Mac to stop receiving public betas. You can then leave Apple Beta Software Program to ... ( read original story ...)

Apple writes to TRAI for adding DND app on iOS App Store

Apple has reportedly written to the Indian telecom regulator TRAI for more consultation on including the TRAI’s DND application on the iOS App Store. Earlier, Apple had refused to include the application on App Store stating that the app violates their ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Problems Related to 3D Touch

3D Touch was introduced with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This new feature brought in some excitement, but it also came with its own issues. Some users found that it popped up too quickly and some complained that it did not pop up early enough. This may be ... ( read original story ...)