iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE: Which 2016 iPhone is best?

iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE: How do Apple's two 2016 smartphone releases compare? The iPhone 7 is finally here and, predictably, selling like hotcakes. But it's easy to forget that it isn't the only smartphone Apple launched in 2016. And we're not talking about ... ( read original story ...)

Free today: 10 Lifestyle Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Yet another Apple iPhone 6 Plus catches fire

We wonder if the smartphone explosion is contagious! After the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion debacle set in, a few iPhones have been reported to have caught fire as well. Just yesterday, an iPhone 6 Plus reportedly exploded while it was on charge. ( read original story ...)

The best iPhone 6S Plus deals in October 2016

The iPhone 6S Plus is the supersized version of the latest Apple iPhone. It comes packing all the excellent features of the iPhone 6 Plus, but with added functionality like improved battery life and 3D touch, which enables you to interact with the phone in ... ( read original story ...)