Apple fails to end lawsuit claiming it ‘broke’ FaceTime

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, based in San Jose, Calif., ruled late on Friday that iPhone 4 and 4S users can pursue countrywide class action claims that Apple intentionally "broke" FaceTime to save money from routing calls through servers owned by Akamai ... ( read original story ...)

Apple ‘pulls 60 VPNs from China App Store’

The creators of several Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have criticised Apple's decision to remove their products from its App Store in China. The BBC understands that as many as 60 VPNs were pulled over the weekend. Apple said it was legally required to ... ( read original story ...)

Microsoft Rolls Out New Version Of Cortana

Back in December last year, Microsoft rolled out a major new update to Cortana on Android and iOS devices, which included a brand new ... that improves the original redesign. The Cortana 2.9 brings back the hamburger menu and reduces the app to two tabs. ( read original story ...)

I traded my $800 iPhone for a $180 Nokia 6. This happened

Android may lack some of the polish of iOS, but when it comes to hardware, a budget phone can definitely get the job done. Maybe I’ll have a change of heart once the iPhone 8 (or even 9) rolls around, assuming it has a seriously killer feature ... ( read original story ...)