Apple considering a stylus for next year’s iPhone

Apple is considering creating a new version of the Pencil for an upcoming version of the iPhone — possibly the iPhone 9. The Korea Herald has reported that sources close to to the company said that “Apple is preparing to launch the phone as early as ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7

On 12 September Apple unveiled its new batch of smartphones for 2017, including the iPhone X (which got most of the headlines) and the iPhone 8 (which for many people will actually be the better option). The tech community has a short memory, but do these ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: Camera Comparison

Based on many comparisons and reviews, the iPhone 8 Plus features the best camera on an iPhone yet. And not only that, but some would say the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera is one of the best ever put on any smartphone. Phone Arena came up with a creative way to ... ( read original story ...

iPhone 6: 2 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons Not To (2017)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are cheap and dependable, but some people better off going with another iPhone model or a budget Android device. Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren’t top of the line smartphones anymore, but they’re certainly ... ( read original story ...)