The Best iPad Apps of 2017

Fact: Tablets are nothing without a rich selection of apps. Thankfully, iPads of every size, from the cute iPad mini to the XXL iPad Pro, can access Apple's wonderful App Store to get a huge variety of software to suit any user. According to Apple, more ... ( read original story ...)

How to Secure Your Kid’s iPhone

(That said, erasing the iPhone is also how a kid can get by your pre-set restrictions. Yeah, it's not a foolproof scheme.) Next, restrict use of individual apps (block use of things like Safari, Camera, Siri, FaceTime, iTunes Store, making in-app purchases ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone Battery Life: Why You Should Not Force Close Your Apps

Do you force close your apps when your iPhone’s battery is dying? Well, that won’t solve the problem, according to Apple blogger John Gruber. In a post Wednesday, Gruber noted that iOS doesn’t run like computer systems, which means double-clicking ... ( read original story ...)

How to repair or replace a broken Apple Watch

Will Apple replace my Apple Watch if it gets smashed? Or would I be able to repair the screen myself? Just days after the wearable launched, heartbroken owners were posting images of broken Apple Watch online. Call it sod's law or bad luck, but when you ... ( read original story ...)