How to Use Apple Support

Apple's Support app and website can direct you to the right resource when you're having trouble with your iPhone, Mac, or other product. Need help with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac computer? You should be able to find it through Apple's Support ... ( read original story ...)

Can an app really track you after you delete it?

But app developers can engage in "tagging," leaving behind a unique ID on an iPhone so the developer can recall the apps that were on it and the last Wi-Fi network the phone was logged onto. These marks are used to help a company prove that the phone ... ( read original story ...)

Evernote vs. OneNote: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Check out our favorites here.] A good place to start in comparing these apps is the differing design philosophies that each one uses. Evernote started on the iPhone – back in the early days when it was a new and transformative device. Because of that ... ( read original story ...)