Apple secretly launched new iPhone Model

As per the recent activity, Apple has launched the new version of iPhone 6. When the iPhone 6 debuted, there was no 32GB option in the lineup. As was standard for the time, it came in 16/64/128GB configurations. Since then, Apple has bumped the base ... ( read original story ...)

5 WiFi Baby Monitor with iPhone App in 2017

The WiFi Baby 4 is a smart baby monitor that combines the advantages of cloud-based monitors and traditional cameras into a single, sleek package. You can easily access and control the monitor via the official iPhone app, which is compatible with any iOS ... ( read original story ...)


4. YouTube - Watch and Share Vide...Google, Inc. 5. Messenger, Facebook, Inc. 6. Facebook, Facebook, Inc. 7. Google Maps - Navigation & Transit, Google, Inc. 8. RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, Atari 9. Uber, Uber Technologies, Inc. 10. Spotify Music, Spotify ... ( read original story ...)

Three Evernote Alternatives and How They Stack Up

Based on everything I’ve seen and tried so far, I’d say right now there are three primary alternatives to Evernote: Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote, and the newcomer: Bear. Here’s how they stack up. Apple Notes is the default note-taking app included ... ( read original story ...)

Apple's newest release wants to look after your whole HOUSE

Forget the iPhone 8 - Apple's latest release wants to be a one-stop shop for your smart home. The company has today revealed more information on its new Home app, which will allow users to control the various smart appliances and devices around their house ... ( read original story ...)

Why I finally replaced Evernote with Bear

It’s easy to forget now, but the early version of Evernote started a revolution. At a time where most companies made software for a single platform, the note-taking company was building native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Years before iCloud ... ( read original story ...)

Redesigning Evernote for iOS

Other productivity apps were leapfrogging ahead of us ... Since the very first version of Evernote for iPhone, notebooks have been a top-level navigation item, a first-class citizen. There was a section for all of your notes, and one for your notebooks. ( read original story ...)