Check out the iPhone X’s smooth app-switching

With the release of the iPhone X just around the corner, we're starting to see more pictures and videos of the device in the wild. Some of them simply show off the iPhone's original design, while others showcase brand new features. This video falls into ... ( read original story ...)

Best iPhone and iPad Apps

– Find the best free app for your Apple device. – Keep in tune with friends with the trending apps on Apple store. Earlier, we made a list of best and useful Android app for Android users. Now we making a list of the best iPad and iPhone app. ( read original story ...)

WhatsApp Releases Its Own Emoji Set

WhatsApp has replaced Apple's emoji set with a custom set of its own which has now rolled out to all Android users. For years, messaging app WhatsApp has relied upon Apple's emoji set to give users consistent emoji support across iOS, Android, and the web. ( read original story ...)

iPhone X leaked video shows poorly optimized Instagram app

One thing that upsets Apple fans is poor software design. And if app developers are going to have to accommodate for the iPhone X’s top “notch” obstruction on the display, they’re going to need to code differently than before. The latest iPhone X ... ( read original story ...)