So It's True: Apple Is Releasing Its Own 'Find My AirPods'

The creator of the “Finder for Airpods” app was told by the company that it didn’t like the concept, and for that reason alone it was deemed “not appropriate for the App Store.” When the app was removed, people suspected Apple might have its own ... ( read original story ...)

Talking Shop: The design secrets behind Apple’s store

Not every shop is the same. Some are breaking with tradition, blurring the lines between the physical and digital, changing how we shop. From Burberry to Dyson and Apple, our new Monday fortnightly series Talking Shop explores how these smart stores are ... ( read original story ...)

Apple will soon let app makers publicly respond to reviews

Apple has informed developers that beginning with iOS 10.3 ... The same will be true of the Mac App Store. Currently, developers have no way of directly responding to reviews on the app stores and instead must communicate with customers via email, social ... ( read original story ...)

Apple app store to get expensive in these countries

Apple on Tuesday announced that it will be raising the prices for apps and in-app purchases in a few countries, including India, Turkey and the United Kingdom, following the changes in the exchange rates and taxation policy. Apart from Britain, India will ... ( read original story ...)