Apple reportedly removing Iranian apps from App Store

Apple has allegedly started removing iOS apps originating from startups and developers in Iran. In 2016, the company had started opening up its App Store to Iranians in a limited manner. However, in its latest move, Apple pulled down the Digikala app ... ( read original story ...)

Apple Moves in to Temporary Store on Fifth Avenue

After tech giant, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), informed customers of its plans to temporarily relocate its Fifth Avenue store, 9 to 5 Mac confirms that the company’s plans have finally fallen through. Due to refurbishment plans for the company’s iconic ... ( read original story ...)

Apple to Let Developers Respond to App Store Feedback

The move aligns it more closely with the Google Play store. Leaving a review on Apple's App Store is a bit like shouting into a black hole. You hope people—including the app developers—are reading your comments, but no one can respond to you. ( read original story ...)

So It's True: Apple Is Releasing Its Own 'Find My AirPods'

The creator of the “Finder for Airpods” app was told by the company that it didn’t like the concept, and for that reason alone it was deemed “not appropriate for the App Store.” When the app was removed, people suspected Apple might have its own ... ( read original story ...)