Foster + Partners Opens the Greenest Apple Store in the World

Apple—the forty-one year old technology company from Cupertino, California—is known for unveiling technology that is often ahead of the curve. Which is to say, once Apple does something, the competition tends to follow suit. Climate scientists will ... ( read original story ...)

First Apple store in Southeast Asia opens in Singapore

Finally, at the hub of Southeast Asia, in Singapore, Apple has opened its first Apple store. The company has made it the easiest way for Southeast Asian consumers to purchase Apple’s products from their own region rather than ordering from East Asia in ... ( read original story ...)

Apple just launched its first store in Southeast Asia

Khajorn Chiaranaipanich flew for more than two hours to be one of the first people to experience Apple's first store in Singapore. Witnessing its opening was very important for the managing director at a Thai social news company — so important, that he ... ( read original story ...)