WhatsApp will soon let you locate your friends

The latest versions of the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS reveal an upcoming feature that will allow users to locate their friends. Just like the Find My Friends app offered by Apple, WhatsApp will ask for your permission before making your location ... ( read original story ...)

Top 8 best Apple TV apps you should try right now

When Apple released the Apple TV, Tim Cook said that the future of TV is apps. Well, we couldn’t agree more with that, but the truth is that the App Store simply has too many junk apps available. We bet that you’ve already deleted many of them just ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 6S Plus Audio Quality

These are measurements of the 3.5mm analog audio output of my iPhone 6S Plus playing signals in its Music app. Few people realize that Apple iOS devices have some of the best audio digital-to-analog converters and low-impedance headphone amplifiers ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 7 Plus Review: In Depth

iPhone 7 Plus review: We review Apple’s mighty 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, which boasts a new water-resistant design, powerful dual-lens camera and incredible performance. Is the iPhone 7 Plus worth an upgrade for Apple users? Here’s everything you need to ... ( read original story ...)