How to create self destructing status updates on WhatsApp

The very first version of WhatsApp for iPhone. This was months before they even added messaging, mind you. Eight years later, in February 2017, WhatsApp creators have overhauled the app’s text-only statuses with end-to-end encrypted multimedia updates ... ( read original story ...)

The best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch and iPhone

Tracking your sleep routine can often lead to insights into all sorts of habits or quirks detrimental to a good night’s sleep. Before Apple Watch, apps promising to analyze your nightly resting patterns and devise remedies to improve on them were already ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone: How often do you upgrade?

But that was back when the iPhone was a new product, and each year brought significant advancements. These days I’m using a 6s Plus, which is still a relatively new phone. But I didn’t buy the iPhone 7 because there just wasn’t enough to it to make ... ( read original story ...)

Apple IPhone Smart Covers

cool iPhone accessories to suit you in our round-up of the 27 best iPhone cases we've seen. You'll likewise discover iPhone 6s Plus cases, and obviously they'll fit more established iPhones so they are iPhone 6 cases and iPhone 6 Plus cases as well. ( read original story ...)