Apple reveals hundreds of new emojis for iOS 11.1

... and iPod touch devices running on iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2 can no longer downgrade their device's operating system to iOS 10.3.3 as Apple closed down their signing window. There will also be updated national flags (England, Scotland and Wales are ... ( read original story ...)

iOS technical deep dive

and this particular line of code hasn’t changed in the last 9 months (when we upgraded some of this code while dropping support for iOS 8). It’s clear that something changed in iOS 11 that caused this code to start crashing. return self.infoDictionary ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11.1

We’re about to see a ton of new emoji hit the iPhone and iPad starting next week. Apple has announced that next week’s beta version of iOS 11.1 will include hundreds of new characters “including more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11 and Xcode 9: Complete Swift 4 & Objective-C Course

Want to create your own iPhone and iPad apps but aren't sure where to begin? Well, then this course is for you. This complete guide will give you everything you need to launch a new career in iOS 11 development. You'll learn the entire process, from ... ( read original story ...)