iPhone 6s: 2 Reasons to Buy & 4 Reasons to Wait

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are getting older but there are still a few good reasons (and a few reasons not) to consider making one, or the other, your next phone. They’re no longer flagship models but the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are still ... ( read original story ...)

Save up to £170 by getting a refurbished iPhone 7 deal

Phone retailer esave call themselves the 'Kings of Refurb'. And with the prices they've just dropped on the refurbished iPhone 7, it's difficult to refute their claim to the throne. Whether you're just after the cheapest phone deal possible, or something ... ( read original story ...)

What Apple Thought The iPhone Might Look Like In 1995

A decade ago, for the most part, phones were phones. Computers were computers. Cameras were cameras. Portable music players were portable music players. The idea that the future of the computer would be a phone, or vice versa, wasn’t merely absurd. ( read original story ...)

Evernote alternatives – 14 competitors to use instead

There are multiple good reasons why Evernote is the first thing that springs to mind ... Another minimal tool in the list, Together is a note-taking app for Mac devices. “A place to store your documents, sounds, web pages, images and bookmarks and ... ( read original story ...)

Siri disappoints again, this time with apps

Apple in 2016 opened up Siri to bring the personal assistant to apps, but few developers have signed on. Jefferson Graham explains why, on #TalkingTech. MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. — Hey Siri, why can’t I use you on more apps? Last summer, Apple was busy ... ( read original story ...)

iPhone 8 said to feature next-gen 3D laser technology

Citing a source familiar with Apple's plans, Fast Company reports that Apple's iPhone 8 will incorporate an advanced system of 3D lasers on the back designed to enhance the user experience when running augmented reality apps. The 3D lasers will reportedly ... ( read original story ...)