Apple iPhone X tips & tricks

Now select Customise Top Level Menu…. This allows you to specifiy the ... iWork: Apples office suite Apps which include Apple Keynote, Numbers & Pages now use Face ID to secure files. Notes: As per iWork, individual notes can be secured with Face ID. ( read original story ...)

Apple has had an incredible 2017 (AAPL)

AR is the technology that layers digital images on top of views of the real world ... includes software tools that help developers build augmented-reality apps. The move made Apple's iPads and iPhones collectively the world's largest AR platform. ( read original story ...)

Apple’s big plan to help the jobless

Since its inception in 2008, Apple has paid out more than $US70 billion to developers from its App Store, and RMIT vice chancellor Martin Bean wants to give more Aussie students a slice of that pie. Using its own version of Apple’s App Development with ... ( read original story ...)

Notcho App Hides iPhone X Notch

Does the notch on your new iPhone X stress you out? A new app can help restore peace in your life. Dubbed Notcho, the app will let you create wallpapers for your iPhone X that hide that anxiety-provoking notch. You can import your own photos or images, or ... ( read original story ...)