Apple Updates Workflow App With Numerous Bug Fixes

Passing values like “yes” or “true” should result in the switch being turned on, but instead resulted in the switch being turned off. Other bug fixes and minor additions You can download Workflow from the App Store for free. ( read original story ...)

We Need to Talk About the iPad Pro’s App Problem

But the iPad Pro is different, right? Apple has spent nearly a decade building up a rich library of apps, and since the iPad Pro also runs iOS, it’s compatible with all of them. So what makes the iPad Pro worthy of the Pro moniker? After all, the MacBook ... ( read original story ...)

How to Use Evernote: The Unofficial Manual

Evernote has a huge number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate, create, capture, and search even faster. Your best bet is to check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows or for Mac, but here are a few highlights: The app is ... ( read original story ...)