Design Inconsistencies in iOS 11- Pick Your Poison

That will never work again at the scale that Apple deals with for the iPhone and iOS. I’m not going to argue that they have found the best new path ahead, but they have had to adapt to having a small army work on iOS, as opposed to a few teams ... ( read original ...

Face ID Not Working on iPhone X? Here’s How to Fix It

The new iPhone not only looks stylish and modern but comes packed ... You can fix Face ID by updating to the latest iOS version, which could fix bugs and glitches that were causing issues with Face ID. If none of the above methods fix the problem, then ... ( read original story ...)

Steve Jobs would have given iOS 11’s design an ‘F’

Apple's newest mobile operating system, iOS 11, comes out today, and Steve Jobs probably would've been super pissed if he were still alive. HackerNoon's Ryan Lau has posted a comprehensive breakdown that calls attention to all the ways iOS 11's design is ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11 finally forces Uber off your tail

Now that iOS 11 is finally here, iPhone owners are upgrading for new features like screen recording, a one-handed keyboard, and a means to finally prevent appmakers like Uber from following their every move. The controversial ride hailing service ... ( read original story ...)