iOS 11: Everything we know so far

5. Automatic Low-power mode The low-power mode on the iPhone is a nice, if limited, way of stretching your battery life. But there are rumours suggesting the next version of iOS will introduce a deeper mode that intelligently adjusts your battery depending ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11: iPad Wishes and Concept Video

Once heralded as a promising sign of Apple's renewed commitment to the iPad, iOS 9 has begun to feel like a one-hit wonder. This year, the iPad is getting the first version of iOS truly made for it. After too many unimaginative releases, Apple has ... ( read original story ...)

RANKED: The 8 best keyboards for your iPhone

And if you don’t care about swiping, QuickType is still the most reliably accurate keyboard on iPhone. That makes sense, given that it’s baked into iOS. It never crashes, you’ll have to use it whenever you enter a password or text from the lock scree ... ( read original story ...)

IOS 10.3 Jailbreak Is Coming!

These people are the ones who like to have the option to customize their iPhones using jailbreak applications. Same is the case for iOS 10.3.1, while a lot of people are happy with what they got, some people are busy in reporting errors to further improve ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 11 Concept Teases Design And Features Of Apple’s New OS

Another interesting aspect of this concept is the inclusion of a dark mode, which is something that fans of the Apple iPhone range have desired for quite some time. The consensus of opinion is that this is the most convincing iOS 11 concept to emerge in 2017. ( read original story ...)