iOS 11 Review

If your iPad is running iOS 10.3 or later, you can check to see if you've got any 32-bit apps installed by opening the Settings app, tapping General, tapping About and tapping Applications. If tapping Applications gives you a list of apps, these are the ... ( read original story ...)

Apple’s iOS 10.3 update is now available

Apple has begun rolling out iOS 10.3, its third biggest update for all iPads and iPhones since it released its operating system iOS 10. The updated operating system features two notable changes: “Find My AirPods” and a new Apple File System (APFS). ( read original story ...)

Does iOS 11 Slow Down Your iPhone?

Here we take a look at this in a side-by-side speed test comparison with iOS 10.3.3. If the general reaction to iOS 11 is anything to go by then you are likely sitting in one of three camps. You are either very happy with the update and how it’s ... ( read original story ...)

3 features I’d steal from iOS 11 for Android P

iOS 11 is officially out, and there's nothing wrong with a little feature envy. The latest update to iOS is out of beta and rolling out to iPhones as of Tuesday this week, and it's got our friends over at iMore pretty excited. If you need to catch up on ... ( read original story ...

Why won’t iOS 11 download?

Up to date with iOS 10.3.3. Update: Here's how to fix it. Here's what I didn't know. The reason why I wasn't getting the iOS 11 update was because I was still on Apple's beta program-- a toggle flipped almost absentmindedly 15 months ago so I could try ... ( read original story ...)