iPhone Hacks: Boost iOS 10 in Less Than 2 Minutes

(Cole Bennetts/Getty Images) As soon as the iOS update arrived, most users complained that their iPhones began slowing down. It seems that this issue commonly appears after getting the iOS 10 update. Several complaints from iPhone 5c, 5s and 6 owners feel ... ( read original story ...)

How to Handwrite Messages with iPhone and iOS 10

Did you know you can handwrite messages and notes in Messages for iOS 10 on your iPhone? With this feature you can scribble out a little note or sketch a simple drawing and send it along to any recipient. Unlike some of the more obvious new Messages ... ( read original story ...)

6 reasons to choose Android over iPhone

What we’re really arguing when we talk about “iOS vs. Android” is whether you like a closed ecosystem or an open one. With the iPhone, Apple holds the keys. It makes all the hardware, and has final say over all the software. This lets it have all ... ( read original story ...)

iOS 10 Adoption Tops 50 Percent

In the weeks since Apple released iOS 10, the next-gen operating system has been installed on 54 percent of active iDevices, according to Cupertino. Those numbers, however, are lower than recent data from analytics firm Fisku, which this week counted 67.7 ... ( read original story ...)

People are adopting iOS 10 at a record rate

iOS 10’s adoption rate lagged well behind iOS 9 and iOS 8 for the first 15 days of its life cycle, at which point it began its rapid ascent. Fiksu DSP Since iPhone 7 models — which have iOS 10 preinstalled — still make up a small amount of the iOS ... ( read original ...