iPhone 6 Crashes When Using Skype App

The #Apple #iPhone 6 is a phone released in 2014 that uses an impressive hardware specs. Most of the time it will be able to handle any app available the App Store smoothly. In fact, it’s very rare that apps will have a hard time running on this phone. ( read original story ...)

iPhone 8 Could Break the Sales Record Made by iPhone 6

The current record holder regarding sales numbers in the smartphone world is the iPhone 6 duo (the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus), which managed to top all previous sales records. Two years ago, Apple incorporated lots of new features, improved specs, as ... ( read original story ...)

Apple blames ‘ambient air’ for iPhone 6s battery issue

A month ago, after the reports became more frequent with users complaining their iPhone 6s shutting down unexpectedly, Apple finally acknowledged the problem. Apple announced a repair program saying that “very small number” of iPhone 6s manufactured ... ( read original story ...)