Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 / 6S

Here is a protective case that lets you use your iPhone to capture photos and videos like a pro. Olloclip Studio comes with a two-finger grip to let you capture smooth video for Snapchat or similar apps. You will be able to change from portrait to ... ( read original story ...)

10 reasons to buy an iPhone 6s instead of an iPhone 8

$1249 - iPhone 8 Plus with 64GB of storage: $1449 - iPhone X with 64GB of storage: $1799 - iPhone 6s Plus with 32GB of storage: $999 The iPhone 6s phones come in a colour that's not available on the iPhone 8 The new iPhone 8 phones only come in silver ... ( read original ...

iPhone 6: 2 Reasons to Buy & 3 Reasons Not To (2017)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are cheap and dependable, but some people better off going with another iPhone model or a budget Android device. Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus aren’t top of the line smartphones anymore, but they’re certainly ... ( read original story ...)